Monday, September 22, 2008

...issing iginnings

Hooty has a habit of dropping the beginning of some words,

“I am ‘ranging’ my toys.”
“It’s ‘ahind’ me.”
“This ‘alongs’ to me."
"When I 'come' big, I'll be a mommy."

And she would sing Duffy’s song – “I am begging you for mercy…why won’t you 'lease' me!”

Any guesses to what those words really are ;o)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Strip-Tease

Brace yourself forks…we have a stripper in the family!!

Yesterday on ‘America’s Got Talent’ there were at least 3 acts with some kind of stripping going on…not the obscene kind you know…but the funny type…but yeah they were still stripping acts.

In the midst of the programme, Hooty stood up, and while gyrating to the music, she first took of her t-shirt. And then came the shorts. By this time I am sorry to say I was laughing hysterically while my hubby boy was giving me ‘don’t encourage her’ looks and trying not to laugh himself (and failing miserably). Finally off came her pooh bear panties ;o)

In 3 seconds flat there was my daughter dancing stark naked on the living room floor…

Monday, September 15, 2008


A long long time ago, giving Hooty ‘time-outs’ for bad behavior was as often as two or three times a day, especially during her ‘terrible-two’s tantrum’ phase. But as she grew older, and we were able to rationalise with her, they got far and few in-between. And for the past year or so, she has been a really good girl (‘touch wood ;o)’) that we have not given her any time-outs.

But lately, whenever we would reprimand her she would start being very rude and say ‘threatening’ remarks, like the following:

“When I grow up, I will NOT feed you!”
“When I grow up I will not buy you things!”
“I will NOT love you!”

I think she knows that when she grows up she’ll have more power ;o)
Anyway, yesterday she was very whiney during her bath-time and kept on crying for no apparent reason. Mind you, this was not real crying, just whiney crying just to get her way and she simply would not cooperate.

So, as a punishment, she was told that she can go straight to bed without a story. That led to more crying (real this time) and she started her usual rude utterances. We had warned her just the day before that if she talks to us that way, she will go straight to a time-out. So there she was…after a long long time…sitting on her ‘naughty-spot’ bowling her eyes out…

Monday, September 8, 2008

Odd Partners

I was so impressed by the teaching method Hooty's teacher used for teaching them odd and even numbers.

Hooty her self explained to me how she knows to differentiate them.

She said, "Even numbers have partners and odd numbers don't have partners."

And she drew four circles on the white board and showed me how they have 'partners' and said, 'so four is an even number.'

Then she drew five circles and said, 'five is odd because one circle doesn't have a 'partner'."

Isn't it impressive that four year olds can do such things?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A wish...

This post is not about my daughter at all…..

This post is a dedication, a wish, a hope for my two friends who lost their unborn baby at eight months.

Eight months is a long time to dream and hope and make castles in the air. I can barely imagine what they must be going through and I wish them strength, hope and love to get through this oh so difficult time.

I think only parents who have gone through this will understand, and parents to be, the whole emotional attachment to your child be it still unborn or born. I remember when I was pregnant with Hooty, I was so scared to hope for and dream of a healthy baby until the dreaded first trimester passed because that’s the period most miscarriages occur. And I was so scared of telling anyone in case I didn’t carry to full term. And I was counting the days…literally counting each day till I reached 24 months—as most literature on pregnancy states that if a baby is born after this period there is a chance that they will survive. And I remember me sighing with relief on the day I reached that millstone and thinking, ‘now my baby is safe.’ But knowing in your heart of heart that things don’t work that way and things can go wrong for so many reasons.

Even with knowing all this, you just can’t help dreaming about this little miracle growing in you. You can’t help planning out a whole future with this little being.

I hope and pray my friends will pull through this…..
I wish them joy, love and hope…..