Sunday, May 10, 2009


One reason for coming back was for H1 to grow up in a Buddhist environment. However, I think I managed to somehow scew-up the first lesson!

H1 asked me what Vesak was and I told her that it's Budusadu's B'day. I didn't want to elaborate the enlightenment and passing away as I thought she wouldn't grasp it. So I told her since Budusadhu told people to be good and do good, they would go to the temple and give to the less fortunate and so on.

On Vesak day we took her to the temple and urrrrrrm H1 started singing "Happy B'day to you, happy B'day to you, Happy B'day Budusadu, Happy B'day to you." Oh well...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Finally got an internet connection....

The heat is killing. Someone tell me please that this is just in May or I might start regretting coming back! ;o)

Anyway life is pretty hectic right now with me nearly going crazy living off a suitcase. Poor hubby boy is out all day looking for cars and houses. I am keeping my fingers and every other body part crossable crossed mighty tight hoping that we'd find a decent place soon..but by Jove the rent prices are crazy in Colombo!

H1 however is adapting beautifully without a complaint. On our way into Col from the airport she pensively said "Now there will be lot's of itching for me to do..." I think she remembered all the mosquito bites she had the last time we were here ;o). Yesterday Puncha took her to a park nearby and when H1 returned, her cloths were covered in dust. Hubby remarked how dirty her cloths were and she philosophically said, "That's how Sri Lankan parks are Thaaththi. Dirty. Anyway, we can always wash our cloths" That's my Sri Lankan girl, I thought!

She had her first school interview and I think it went well. There's another one at the end of the month. Hope we'll get her into that school. must start looking for kindergartens once we settle down. Did I mention that life is hectic right now? Maaaaaaan life is hectic. But every time I think of complaining about our no-where-to-stay status I think of the IDPs....