Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Things H2 has been upto...

....since I last updated this blog:

1) Aththamma caught H2 with her head down a full  bucket of water when our helper Nandini left her alone for a second in the bathroom to bring a bottle of shampoo. Since this happened on Aththamma's watch, she is having nightmares about H2 drowning and has promptly put away all buckets and basins up on the roof! seriously!! I had to bring them down with the aid of a broom.

2) H2 nearly swallowed a coin and claimed it was a toffee that she was sucking. Luckily,  Nandini saw it and pulled it out of her mouth. Her Grandpa ordered us not to have any coins in the house and not to make any transactions with coins!! :)

3) I left H2 for half a second and when I got back she had a mouth full of something. Upon closer inspection it was revealed that she had a whole load of multivitamin tablets (which were for H1 and which said not for children under 5 years in the bottle!) in her mouth. It was 15 in total!! How they all  fit in that little mouth, I have no idea! Since I knew exactly how many were in the bottle (as we've just opened it and H1 only had two of the tablets) i knew she didn't swallow any. Phew! The "medicine box" now sits on top of a cupboard.

4) H2 locked her self in the bathroom and the door had to be broken down by my Hubby. This was while both my Husband and Aththamma was at home while getting her ready for school. The lock has been replaced at a height that is above 5 feet!

5) H2 emptied a whole bottle of baby powder on her head and was happily  combing her white hair when Nanda walked in on her. Oh how I wish that Nanda took a photo of H2.

6) Just a day after the baby powder incident She emptied a whole bottle of baby oil on her head. The said bottle was on top of a unreachable shelf that H2 managed to make reachable by climbing on H1's study chair!

What do I doooooooooooo?