Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How True!

Got this picture in an email. How true, how true!

The moment I sit down either to watch TV or read a book, Hooty would invariable bellow, “Ammi, I am hungry. Can I have something to eat?” Or she’d go “Ice-cube water! Ice-cube water! Ammi, ice-cube water,” until I get it for her.

Try putting your leg up and looking remotely comfortable, and she’d jump on you and treat you like a trampoline. (Just yesterday, she nearly strangled me and had me croaking for a while!

Ah! The joy of having a kid I tell you…

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh No! Not Again!

Nope...she has NOT forgotton the 'S' word.

Today in the morning while getting dressed (have you noticed that we in this family have the most interesting conversations in the wee hours of the morning?), Hooty again mentioned the ‘S’ word.

H: “Thaathi, I won’t say ‘sexy’ OK. I will just say ‘sex’.”

My eyes shot up and I am thinking ‘OMG’ and Hubby looks at me with an amused expressions.

So Hubby says, “No darling, that’s not a nice word for little girls either, so don’t use it OK?”

And Hooty goes (while crying), “It’s not fair! Little girls can’t use ‘sexy’ and you use it. Grownups use it. I want to use it!”

Hubby says, ‘OK, we also won't use it OK? Ammi, let’s not use that word from today. How about that?”

And Hooty very reluctantly nods her head.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that she won’t go and tell her teacher, “Teacher Vivien, you are looking sexy today!! ;o)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tricky Towel Game

Hooty came up with with this wonderful game that she plays at bed time now.(courtesy of Max apparently). Hooty/Max named it the 'Tricky Towel Game". Here's how it goes:

Hubby or I have to stand at the edge of the bed holding the towel open in front of us with both arms stretched out as far as possible. Then Hooty runs up and down the bed and if she comes close to us we are supposed to grab her with the towel and enclose her with it. meanwhile the other parent not holding the towel needs to hug and kiss her when she reaches him/her at the other end of the bed.

Quite fun and lots of giggling is guranteed. Must see if I can patent it ;o)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who's Sexy?

Haven't posted here for ages....has Hooty become less interesting? ;o)

Actually, I think I've been so busy that I haven't been listening to her fully. Had a few guests over the last couple of weeks. First my cousin S dropped by on his way to Sri Lanka from England. I haven't seen the fellar for 7 years!!! Then M (Hubby's cuz) got sick and her dad came over pell mell.

Thanks to a comment my hubby made on one of my outfits, the following conversation took place.

H: "Ammi, what's 'sexy'?"
Me : "Oh! It's another word for 'pretty' I guess...but it's not a word that little girls should use. Only grownups are supposed to use it OK."
H: "Ammi, you look sexy!"
Me : "Why thank you, but I prefer for you to say 'Ammi, you look pretty!"

Hope she has forgotten the 'S' word...haven't heard her mention it after that. Note to self and hubby - Be very mindful of what you say in front of a kid. They have a knack for picking up all the 'sensitive words'.