Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To kiss or not to kiss - that is the question

There was a couple kissing on TV and H1 turns to me and says, “Ammi, when you found Thaathi, did you kiss him before you married?”

After a lot of hemming and urrrrming I said, “Yeah, we waited till we married” (I had my fingers crossed OK ;o)

And she asks again, “Why?” I say, “Well, that’s how it is. Good girls wait till they are married.” (Ok so I am a hypocrite – shoot me) Hubby is making all sorts of faces when he hears this and says, “Yeah, your mom was a reaaaaaaaaally gooooooood girl, making it hard for me to keep a straight face.

Then my Smarty-Pants says, “But in Singapore they don’t wait. Why do they wait in Sri Lanka?” “Oh well, in some countries you are expected to wait.” I mumble.

I am NOT going to wait!” She declares.
That settles it! I am going to tail her everywhere she goes when she turns into a teenager or maybe I should start sooner?

Monday, January 19, 2009

@ Ze Zoo

Took H1 to the Singapore Zoo (I think she can bag the prize for the kid who most visits the zoo) last weekend. They've installed a new water play area. H1 forgot all about the animals for a while and had a blast.

A bell would sound when the huge container is full and kids from all over would rush under it waiting for the huge blast of water. My cowardy cat refused to go anywhere near it.

Of cause I can't be outdone by Knatolee who keeps posting of lovely animals pics now can I. She had a post on miniature ponies last week. These we found at the Petting Zoo.

And these, by far are my favourite animals, next to my hubby boy of cause ;o)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Wrong Baby

H1 was being very naughty one night last week during bedtime. She insisted on having THREE pillows. We told her she can have 2, and if she still felt that’s not enough she can hug Max, Rosy or any other soft toy. But she whined and cried and insisted that 3 pillows it will be.

We being the nice (ahem!) parents that we are, did not give in and stuck to our guns. So amidst a lot of sniffles and threats (I DON'T like you. I DON'T want to play with you) H1 finally went to sleep with TWO pillows (H1– 0, Ze parents – 1, Yeh! We rock! ;o)

We know that there’s absolutely no point in lecturing H1 when she is in the midst of a tantrum and we waited until morning to talk about it. So after she had her morning milk, I said, “H1, why did you behave in such a way last night? It wasn’t very pleasant and it was very selfish of you to insist on having 3 pillows bla bla bla….

After saying ‘sorry,’ she just went into her own thoughts for a while and said, “Ammi, I think you got the wrong baby!”

I asked her what she meant and the poor thing said, “Because I am a naughty girl, you must have got the wrong baby.” Oh dear, my heart melted and I explained to her while hugging her tight that it’s OK for kids to be naughty sometimes because they don’t know any better, but that we expect her not to repeat the same behavior once we have explained to her why it shouldn’t be done.

She thought for a while and says, “Well, I’ll forget sometimes and then I’ll be naughty…sometimes.” My heart stopped melting.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


H1 was having her evening shower 'by-her-self.'

All of a sudden she shouted out, "Ammi, I am a waterfall! Come and see....cooooooooooome, come soooooooooon."

When I peeked in, there was H1, head raised, mouth full of water, spouting water in a projectile arc. Yep..she did look like a waterfall.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Puppy Love

We were invited to Christmas lunch at a friend’s place. H1 was in raptures because there were two cuty- pie pooches there. (So was I…ahh doggy heaven!)

I know the video is of horrible quality as I recorded it using my phone, but I think it tells you the whole story. H1 patted and kissed and prodded and hugged those doggies all day long. She was not even interested in the yummy turkey.

Amy was a little shy of her first but would go to her whenever she called out her name and let her do whatever she wanted. But Jack the rascal decided after a while that H1 would make a lovely mate and er..started doing what doggies sometimes do. ;o). Much to Jack’s dismay and annoyance, Hubby quickly rescued my daughter ;o)

H1 didn’t even want to go home after the lunch as she was having so much fun. It made me more determined to get her a pet doggy ASAP…maybe not of Jack’s caliber but more of an Amy!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Please help....

This post is not related to H1...(but it is about people who gave their today for her tomorrow...)

We are involved in this project for providing medical equipment and gel socks for the disabled soldiers (details can be found in the link below)

Please donate if you would like to help.

Click the following link for more details: Rana Viru Fund