Monday, March 31, 2008

Budding da Vinci

Hooty loves to draw. Before bed time she can choose what she would like to do - read a story, play a game or draw and most nights she would choose to draw. She would take her box of crayons and drawing books on to the bed and draw all sorts of things.

Because of her love of drawing, we've set up a white board with markers for her. Lately she has started drawing rocket ships, complete with people inside and stars all around. I personally think it's a masterpiece considering she is just reaching four. (But don't all mothers think their kids are the best no matter what ;o)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Turning the Table

Hooty was being very fuzzy and was refusing to brush her teeth. No matter how many times or in how many ways we tried to get her to listen to us, she stood her ground. As a punishment, we told her we would not take her swimming as planned before.

After a few hours, Hubbs filled up the tub for her to have a bath. And the brat that she is, Hooty said the following.

“This is fun Thaaththi. No need to go swimming, this is like the pool too! I can still have fun. I can have fun having a bath, I can have fun going to the park, and I can have fun playing. So no need to go swimming Thaaththi.”

Can you just believe the nerve of this child?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Hooty has a new fashion fad. She doesn’t want to wear anything short. She doesn’t like to wear pants and she doesn’t want to wear anything that shows her shoulders! She also doesn’t want to wear anything blue because ‘it’s the boys’ colour.’ (Don’t ask me where she gets these ideas, definitely not from Hubs and me!)
She loves to wear dresses or skirts that are long. And she would ask for T-shirts that would ‘cover my arms.’

How ironic life is…come teenage years and I’ll be the one begging her to wear long dresses/skirts and long sleeved things while she insists on wearing tank tops and micro minis.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tickled about Nipples!

There was a programme on TV about breastfeeding. Hooty who is a huge fan of the whole thing (she still talks about it, even after two years of stopping) got highly exited and started talking about it in a such an animated manner.

H: “Ammi, you used to feed me when I was a little baby!”
Me: “Yes, yes…I did.” (Groaning inwardly and thinking here we go again.)
H: “Ammi, I drank it from those black coloured straws. What are they called?”
Me: (trying to stifle my laughter) “Oh! They are called nipples darling”
H: (Happily with a dreamy look on her face) “Yeah! I used to drink from those!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dessert Storm

Over the weekend, I made a very sweet Sri Lankan dessert. Hooty loved it. (No surprise there as she has the biggest sweet tooth I’ve ever seen on anybody!)
So, after lunch on Saturday, both Hubs and Hooty were enjoying their pudding. Hooty quickly gulped down hers, calmly walked over to my hubby with her spoon and bowl and scraped half of Hubby’s pudding in to hers. Then she calmly went back to where she was sitting and started eating what she got from Hubby, while my poor bewildered husband looked on. After a few minutes Hooty stopped eating, looked at Hubby and with a very sweet voice said, “Thank you for sharing Thaaththi!”

I think the saying “Like taking candy from a baby” should be changed, because kids now a days are crafty enough to take it from the adults!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Green Eyed Hooty

Hooty has sudden bouts of extreme jealousy sometimes. Especially when Hubs and I would hug or kiss each other without hugging or kissing her first. She would immediately start pouting and crying and would rant on like this:
“Oooh nobody loves me…nobody loves me..nobody to hug me.”
“No one kisses me….”
So we'll have to reassure her and say, “Of cause we love you, but Ammi and Thaathi love each other too. We all love each other because we are a family.”
Then we will have to shower her with hugs and kisses ;o)