Tuesday, January 25, 2011

L of a problem!

Was going through my old blog posts and came across this gem. :)

Hubby took Hooty to work one day and as usual she started asking questions about so many things. As many parents know…some things are hard to explain to a 4 year old!

Hooty: “Thaaththi, what’s your office called?”

Hubby: (trying to get off easily) “Well, the building where I work is called Noel.”

Hooty: “Thaaththi, how do you spell it?”

Hubby: “N…O…E…L”

Hooty: “NO! NO! NO! You said No ‘L’!”

Hubby: “But darling that’s how the word ‘Noel’ is spelled.

Hooty: (Whimpering and mad as ‘L’) “But you said NO ‘L’ so no ‘L’ in the spelling!”

And on and on it went and Hubby finally gave up and thought to ‘L’ with it and said, “OK then, no ‘L’.”

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm in someones dreams...

H1 got a diary from her Puncha. She is so exited about writing in it that she was conjuring up all sorts of things to write. Unfortunately, nothing exiting seems to be happening, but who else better provide material for her than yours truly?

H1 was being rather rude to me so I sent her off to her room to cool down. After a while Hubby went over and had a chat with her and explained why she was sent to her room and asked her to apologize to me.

H1 reluctantly came over and said, "I am sorry Ammi." After giving me a hug she explodes, "But I am still going to write in my diary that you are my worst nightmare!"

Hubby took her back to her room to explain that writing nasty things in diaries might not be the way to go :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What's in a name?

So, Santa brought H1 a Dora Monopoly set this time. Only H1 calls it Mala Pani (my Singhala readers will appreciate this ;)

What ever it's called, we are having loads of fun playing it though! (H1nta indala hitala Mala Paninawa though, especially when she's loosing!)