Monday, April 21, 2008

She's FOUR!

Hooty is FOUR years old!!

What a hectic week it has been.

Monday - It all started with Hooty having a fever last Monday night.

Tuesday – Hubby had to stay with her on Tuesday. We were a little worried, what with all the buzz about Hand Foot and Mouth decease that’s going around these days. Hubby took her to our GP who said that it’s just the flu and that it’s OK to send her to day care even.

Arrival of first set of guests from Sri Lanka – Hubby's Akka (Nanna) , his cousin Namali and two of Namali’s friends.

Wednesday - Since the fever would only go down with regular doses of paracetamol, I decided to keep her from day-care. We had however ordered a birthday cake for school. So, I called Hooty’s teacher and asked if it’s OK to send Hooty over just for tea time to cut her cake and give out the goody bags to her friends. Since the doctor said it’s OK for her to go to day-care, the teacher was OK with it. So went along and she had a whale of a time celebrating her birthday with friends.

Thursday – My best friend Manju arrived with her husband and baby around lunchtime from Sri Lanka (on her way back home to Australia.) Namali and friends left to stay over at a hotel. Took Manju and Family out to dinner to Cleark Quay.

Friday – Totally forgot that I gave birth to my baby daughter on this day until my mother called to wish her! Well, in my defence (and my hubby’s – he forgot too!) I can say that it was because we planned to celebrate on Sunday, when everyone’s at home and relaxed ;o)

Saturday – Manju and family left for Australia in the evening. Took them out to lunch before that. Namali and friends came back to our place.

Sunday. – Hooty had loads of gifts (send through Nanna by everyone back home in Sri Lanka) waiting for her when she woke up. Had a small dinner party to celebrate.

Namali and Co left early morning today. Nanna will be with us for about a month. We are all back at work and Hooty went to day-care. Phew!

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Scolding

Hooty, with hands on her hips, scolding me for not coming to bed immediately with her at nap time:

“Ammi, how many times do I have to tell you something?” (direct copy from me!)
“I told you one time. Did you listen?
I told you two times. Did you listen?
I told you three times. Did you listen?
I told you times. Did you listen?
I told you six times. Did you listen? (well, I don’t go to this extend ;o)
It’s your problem! (No, I don’t say this. Don’t know from where she picked this one from.)
Why didn’t you listen?
I will not come to the supermarket with you tomorrow. You will have to go all by yourself.
Now say ‘sorry’ and ‘I won’t do it again.’”

After listening to this whole speech, I said, “I told you to give me a few minutes because I was still cooking. All you had to do was wait a little. So I don’t think you should talk to me like that!”

She says, “No. I was not naughty this time. You were naughty. So it’s your problem, (Here we go again!) not my problem! Huh!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The long and Short of it

While having a conversation about school last week, Hooty had said the following to my highly amused husband:

“Taaththi...Joel, Euan, Dong Dong, Oochia and Ryan have long wee wees. Me, Smita and Esther have short wee wees!”

Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend Swim

Took Hooty swimming yesterday. She used to be able to 'swim' with the aid of the tube and kick and float for awhile. But a few months back she sort of panicked and wasn't able to get her head out of the water for a few seconds. I think it gave her quite a scare.

Now, though she loves to just be in the water, she refuses to try to 'swim'. I am slowly trying to build her confidence. Yesterday I got her to float while I held her hand. Hopefully, she will forget her bad experience and start enjoying swimming as before.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Hooty loves using the computer now that she can follow instructions and can handle the mouse quite well.

She loves browsing through sites like Sesame Street, Nick Jr, CBeeBies and many more (see a list of good sites on the right panel of this page). She can follow the instructions so well and click away on her own that I can leave her all by herself for up to half an hour or so.

Of cause we only let her ‘play’ on the computer only during the weekend and that too for less than an hour or so.

We also have a few educational software (for pre-schoolers) installed on the computer. Once, when I double clicked on one of the icons to load it, Hooty asked me why I clicked it twice. So I said, “You have to double-click to get it started.” And I went on to explain, "It’s called so because I click two times. Anything that has two things can be called a ‘double’ like the Double Decker bus, because it has two levels.” She nodded to show that she understood.

So, another day she tells me, “Ammi, I want to play the Disney game. Can you double-decker-click it please!”

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fool

Yesterday while trying to get Hooty ready for school, I told her, “It’s April Fool’s Day today,” just to carry on a conversation. So she asked me what it was and I told her that people tried to play jokes and make each other laugh on this day.

She immediately started tickling me and tried to make me laugh!

I think the whole April Fool’s Day thing left an impression on her as she had tried to make Hubby laugh by tickling him and going “Boo!” when he was not looking.

So Hubby had tried to explain to her that it’s not exactly that kind of tricks people play, but they sometimes might do or say something silly. Hooty had immediately attempted to make Hubby laugh by saying something ‘silly’ – “Gabadabaduba goobadoopagiba gobbygabbydoo!!