Friday, April 4, 2008


Hooty loves using the computer now that she can follow instructions and can handle the mouse quite well.

She loves browsing through sites like Sesame Street, Nick Jr, CBeeBies and many more (see a list of good sites on the right panel of this page). She can follow the instructions so well and click away on her own that I can leave her all by herself for up to half an hour or so.

Of cause we only let her ‘play’ on the computer only during the weekend and that too for less than an hour or so.

We also have a few educational software (for pre-schoolers) installed on the computer. Once, when I double clicked on one of the icons to load it, Hooty asked me why I clicked it twice. So I said, “You have to double-click to get it started.” And I went on to explain, "It’s called so because I click two times. Anything that has two things can be called a ‘double’ like the Double Decker bus, because it has two levels.” She nodded to show that she understood.

So, another day she tells me, “Ammi, I want to play the Disney game. Can you double-decker-click it please!”

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