Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's been so long....

It's been over two months since I last posted.

So many changes to adjust to...for me and for my family.

Starting work really saved my sanity. It really did. I am indeed a better mother because of it. Both the kids are doing beautifully well. They do tend to cling to me when I return, but they are both OK. Weekend are spent giving them all my attention, that I just don't have the time to log on to the computer. I think I spend more quality and quantity time with them now than when I was home.

The past month was a little hard though because H1 was down with the flu. Every time she recovered and was sent to school, the fever would come up again. She had it for about 3 weeks...on and off. Now thankfully she is better but coughing quite a lot. Then last Thursday H2 got fever. Though the fever is down by now she too is coughing now.

I want to thank everyone who mailed me asking me about my silence. Thanks guys. It means a lot and it motivates me to somehow keep the blog going. I do want to keep it because while I was going through my old posts, I realized how much of interesting conversations and all that growing up I would have missed and not remembered if I hadn't jotted it down here.