Thursday, June 28, 2007

Worry Wart

Today my baby went on a Field trip from her day care to the Jurong Bird Park. Now I know why my mother was for ever looking at the time and reciting the time table of the trip and for ever saying "I wonder what they are doing now", when ever one of us went on a school trip. Because, I feel like doing the same. When you entrust your kids with someone other than your self, all the horror stories splash before your eyes...of kids getting lost, kids getting hurt....

So dear teacher,

Please look after my baby well....
Don't let her wonder off alone....
Don't let her fall down....
Don't let her get hurt in any way....
Don't let her get dehydrated....
Don't let a stranger talk to her....
Don't let a bird peck her!....

Please let her come back to me all safe and sound, full of stories of how much fun she had, what she saw, how annoying some of the other kids were, and how she would like to do it again....

Monday, June 25, 2007

A Weighty Issue

Hooty came in to the room carrying the bathroom scale. She demanded Hubby to keep his feet on it. Mind you Hooty was sitting on the bed, so she placed it at his feet and asked him to "get on it".

When asked what she was doing, she said, "I'm checking your time, Thaaththi".
After being satisfied with Thaaththi's 'time', she came over to me and asked me to place my feet on the scale.

After looking at the reading, she sombrely told me that my 'time' was 75! Maybe I should be thinking about reducing my 'time'!

Friday, June 22, 2007

A Doggy Tale

We went for dinner at a friend's place last Tuesday. He has a lovely pug and Hooty was extremely fascinated with her.

She was so exited by the fact that the dog seems to like her, that she was talking about it non-stop, going on and on about how the doggy was following her.

She would sit on the floor and the little fellow would come over and lick her face. Hooty would squeal in delight, "Oooooooh! she's kissing me!"

She would also walk around the table and try to get the dog to follow. It was a pleasure to see her excitement and delight and I was glad that from a young age my daughter can love her fellow creatures and take delight in them.

One thing I promised my self is that I will get her a puppy or a kitty as soon as we go back to Sri Lanka.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Warm Welcome

We went to Phuket, Thailand, last Wednesday night and came back yesterday (Sun). What a glorious trip. (Will blog about the whole thing soon - once I find some time!)

When my husband dropped Hooty at day care today, all the kids had cried "Hooty !!" and had welcomed baby like a long lost friend! Wish I was there to see it.


posted much much later...OK forgot to blog about the trip...instead let me load some pictures. After all a pictures worth a thousand words, so they say. so here's 4000 words ;0)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Big Tantrum

Yesterday, just before going to bed Hooty had a huge tantrum. As usual it started with asking her to brush her teeth. She refused saying she wants to wash her hair first. I said, "No!", upon which she started screaming and crying.

Hubby took her to the 'naughty spot' and made her sit on it for a while. All this time Miss. Hooty was screaming her head off. I wonder what the neighbours were thinking.

Hooty absolutely does not want to be told what to do. When the screaming stops for a while and we ask her to say sorry and brush her teeth, she comes up with another excuse and starts screaming again. She absolutely does not want to give in and wants to have an upper hand in deciding what should be done.

In between all the screaming when ever we went into get her to say "Sorry" and brush her teeth, she would say "Peow! peow!"

So, the tantrum went on for 40 long minutes, by the end of which both Hubby and I were exhausted. Finally managed to get her to brush her teeth; but, that too she tried to make it as difficult as possible, for example when I tried to brush, she'd say "It's my turn to brush", and when I tried to wash, "Don't wash my butt! only wash my neck", and so on it went.

Finally go her into bed. Before that, we confiscated her favourite toy, 'Max the dog', refused to read her a bed-time story and Hubby didn't come to bed with her for 'one-minute'.

I too didn't take much notice of her while she was nodding off. After thinking for a while, she finally gave me a kiss and said "I am sorry Ammi!"