Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Big Tantrum

Yesterday, just before going to bed Hooty had a huge tantrum. As usual it started with asking her to brush her teeth. She refused saying she wants to wash her hair first. I said, "No!", upon which she started screaming and crying.

Hubby took her to the 'naughty spot' and made her sit on it for a while. All this time Miss. Hooty was screaming her head off. I wonder what the neighbours were thinking.

Hooty absolutely does not want to be told what to do. When the screaming stops for a while and we ask her to say sorry and brush her teeth, she comes up with another excuse and starts screaming again. She absolutely does not want to give in and wants to have an upper hand in deciding what should be done.

In between all the screaming when ever we went into get her to say "Sorry" and brush her teeth, she would say "Peow! peow!"

So, the tantrum went on for 40 long minutes, by the end of which both Hubby and I were exhausted. Finally managed to get her to brush her teeth; but, that too she tried to make it as difficult as possible, for example when I tried to brush, she'd say "It's my turn to brush", and when I tried to wash, "Don't wash my butt! only wash my neck", and so on it went.

Finally go her into bed. Before that, we confiscated her favourite toy, 'Max the dog', refused to read her a bed-time story and Hubby didn't come to bed with her for 'one-minute'.

I too didn't take much notice of her while she was nodding off. After thinking for a while, she finally gave me a kiss and said "I am sorry Ammi!"

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  1. A tired child is a difficult child. Bedtime is what I call the witching hour. This is when children who are usually so wonderful and sweet become completely unreasonable. You are not alone!