Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bragging rights

You know how mothers tend to brag about their kids? I too am guilty of this. Even a simple thing as an involuntary lift of a finger by my 5 month old is enough for me to talk for hours about with friends, family and total strangers who give me even stranger looks.

Apparently the latest thing moms brag about is how far their kids are on FarmVille! Atleast that's what my mom says. Her staff members give daily updates on how many elephants and cats are there in their kids farms and I suspect my mom is a majour player in this, judging by the daily phone calls on my farm updates :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Holy Molly! Catapolly!

I've got writer's block (or just plain laziness-but writer's block sounds so much posher!) - so till I unblock my self here's a picture to keep you entertained. Can you guess what it is?

Saw this on a tree in Kandy at my in-laws holiday home. The creepiest thing I ever saw! Just made my skin crawl.

So horrible when they are together, yet so cute when some people I know :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Book it all

H1 will be starting school and I am soooooooo exited. She doesn't seem to give a damn :)

Ever since I got the book list, I was so looking forward to getting them and putting covers and sticking stickers and writing her name on was like it's me going to school.

Hubby offered to go get the books because it's such a hassle to get the whole family out these days, but nothing doing I said. How can he even think of depriving me of all the fun of choosing the books, pondering over which crayons are the best and which stickers would look cutest on the covers?

So last week, we all bundled into the car and went off searching for a book shop. Hubs said he knows of a good place and took me into a dingy looking place. I took one look at all the dusty shelves and said no way and walked out.

We finally found a place that had a banner screaming 'All school supplies. 7% discount.' I screamed 'Stop! Stop here!' I gave baby to hubs, hitched up my skirt (I was actually wearing jeans - but you know what I mean) and got down to business. I took out the book list, selected the books oh so carefully, I mean 80 pages is 80 pages, you have to check it twice..or thrice. There were bristle boards to pick...oh it's so hard to choose between pink and yellow...10 A4 sheets, 2 each of different colours, glue sticks (long or short?), erasers (ones with ABC's or Ice Age characters?), Play dough (big or small?)...oooooooooh I was in heaven.

Apart from H1's book list, I was getting some books for a kid my helper knows, so I was having double the fun.

When we finally got back to the car, I gave a great sigh of satisfaction and said, 'Oh I loved every minute of it.' My hubby spoiled it all by saying, 'You should have got H1 more involved. It could have been fun for her too.' I said, 'Why didn't you tell me then?' He said, 'I was scared to tell you when you were in such a snappy mood.'

Darn! In my excitement, I forgot all about H1. In fact, I think I snapped at her once or twice for disturbing me. Darn! Darn! Darn.

So I did somewhat make it up to her by getting her involved with putting covers and pasting name tags and stickers. I had to grit my teeth half the time because it didn't go the way I wanted, I mean who would paste a sticker that way? But I managed to not snap and H1 did have fun and there's always next year...

I can't wait for next year's book list!!!