Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bragging rights

You know how mothers tend to brag about their kids? I too am guilty of this. Even a simple thing as an involuntary lift of a finger by my 5 month old is enough for me to talk for hours about with friends, family and total strangers who give me even stranger looks.

Apparently the latest thing moms brag about is how far their kids are on FarmVille! Atleast that's what my mom says. Her staff members give daily updates on how many elephants and cats are there in their kids farms and I suspect my mom is a majour player in this, judging by the daily phone calls on my farm updates :)


  1. wow Sue... now this was an aspect of the Sri Lankan mom/aunty network that I was never aware of... :O I guess we're moving on with the times, eh? ;)

  2. hehe.. that's for sure. Your farm's on a roll Su, and I can never seem to catch up to you.. not in this millennium. hehe..

    And ya, FV is so addictive, cuz it stimulates our creativity more than anything. Plus it feels greatta keep earning XP and coins and then buy stuff to decorate and even get ribbons, bonuses, gifts and surprises too. It's a game that can please and excite almost anyone.. ne?

  3. Lately on Farmville? LOL. Ts funney and ur funney. :D