Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Poo Story

Please don’t think I am obsessed with poop. It’s just that my daughter seems to be, so I find my self blogging more about them!

Yesterday, after she was done with the job, Hubby asked, “Did you have a good poo?”
To which my daughter replied;
“Yes! It was a BIG one!”
“One was a Daddy Poo, one was a Mummy Poo and all the others were baby poos!”

I just couldn’t help laughing so much to think of the whole family of ‘Poos’ ;o)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Powerpuff Power

How violent little kids’ world is these days. I don’t ever recall saying the kind of things my daughter utters when she is mad with us, when we were young. Then again, I don’t think we were exposed to TV and such media at such a young age.
Following are a few ‘interesting’ threats she uttered recently:

“I will throw you out, and you will die!”

“When I grow up I will throw you out!”

“I will put fire on your wee-wee and you will die!” (This was said to Hubby and I can almost see him shudder at the thought ;o)

“When I become a Powerpuff Girl, I will push you out!”
To which my husband replied, “Naughty girls can’t be Powerpuff Girls. Only good girls can.”
Hooty retorted, “No! I will be a Naughty Powerpuff Girl!”

Should we be worried? I don’t know. But I think she learns it all from her peers and I feel it’s a passing phase, as my friends recount similar stories of their young ones who are around the same age as Hooty.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Good Girl

Now that Hooty has become a ‘good girl’, I think she realises how pleasant things are, and strives to keep it that way. In the earlier days we were just so tensed about when the next tantrum would occur that we forgot to have fun as I think most times we spent together were spent ‘problem solving’. I don’t know where to begin even about the changes – how pleasant things are. Now we spend more time having fun together, hugging her or playing with her – We did all these before, but there was always an undercurrent of uneasiness at least for Hubbs and I.

Now, whenever she does have a small ‘disagreement’ with us (she is still stubborn as hell!), halfway through, she sort of realises that her misbehaving doesn’t get her anywhere. She would suddenly turn about and say “Thaththi (if he’s the one disciplining her at the time) carry me…I don’t want to be naughty. I don’t want to be like that.” And oh! how it melts our hearts.

So the bouts that used to last almost an hour in those days that Hooty was going through the “Terrible Two’s” are now over in a few minutes, and with hugs and kisses all around, we are all happy. Of cause her terrible two’s started quite early –when she was about a year and a half – and ended quite late – when she was about three and a half!

I can’t now recall a time we put her in the naughty spot for the past few months. But mind you she still screams enough to wake the devil when she is mad! But no complains…right now I like her just the way she is :o)

Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year Resolutions - Revisited

I can’t believe I’ve kept this (blog) up for one whole year! I remember writing a very frustrated entry on the new year resolutions that I wished my baby would make last year.

Well, she definitely is no baby anymore and I must say things have considerably improved over the year.

So, let me revisit those resolutions and put into perspective the changes in Hooty. Whether this is due to age, fish oil or both, I don’t know.

1. I will not cry for every single thing. – Well, she does cry, but not for every single thing. We can now actually reason with her

2. I will not have tantrums. – No more tantrums!!!! Well, at least not rolling on the floor, screaming her head off ones. And not that often. I don't think I would even call them tantrums anymore.

3. I will not say "NO!" when asked to brush my teeth, get dressed, eat, clean up my toys, etc. – Hmmm..a tricky one...she no longer says “NO!” But she might say a tiny “no” or better still, she will try to worm her way out of it by giving an excuse or try to divert our attention or use all sorts of prolonging tactics.

4. I will not fuzz every single day about going to school. – She loves school!! (Phew) It’s now like a second home to her and she is very happy being with her fellow playmates and teachers.

5. I will fall asleep in fifteen minutes instead of the one hour I take. – Yep! Still takes one whole hour!

6. I will learn to fall asleep alone. – Nope! Still yours truly needs to sleep with her.

7. I will stop being a fuzzy eater and eat up everything that's put before me. - Nope! Still the same old fuzzy eater.

8. I will sit still in one place when asked to do so. – I think we are there….well at least halfway…

9. I will not scream. – Still going strong! Her lung capacity seems to grow by the day!

10. I will behave my self in public places. – Actually she does! Hooray!

So all in all, not bad ha? But you know what? She is growing so fast that I want to hold her tight and say, 'Please stop! Slow down. Ammi needs her baby!'