Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our bags are packed and we are ready to go...

Finally!!! After tons of packing and cleaning and washing...

Tomorrow we are homeward bound. I might not update the blog for a couple of weeks as we'll need to find a place to settle down and get an internet connection. I am sooooo looking forward to eating food cooked by someone else!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's our turn to do something....

I am going to borrow a few sentences from a friend's blog because he so eloquently puts across what I want to say: "Let me start by saying that I don’t believe in war, and every war takes it’s toll on people, leaving them mutilated, suffering and traumatized for life."

But we are trying to provide some relief to those affected by this war.

We have details of over 200 children of Sri Lanka armed forces members who have either laid down their lives or have suffered physical disability while defending our motherland. Please show your gratitude to these heroic men and their families by sponsoring the education of their children.

* Stipulated monthly amount is Rs.1,000 (~US$ 10). You are welcome to donate more if you wish.

* Your donation will go directly into the child’s or guardian's account.

* Recommended period of scholarship is 4 years. You have the flexibility to decide on a longer or shorter duration based on individual needs.

* You could either make a one time payment of Rs.48,000 (or more) or make monthly donations over the duration of the scholarship.

* Bank account number and the contact details of the child and the family will be provided by the SLAF Seva Vanitha upon submission of application. If you wish you can contact the family and verify the details before starting contributions.

Please visit to download the application form and a detailed description of the procedure.

Also, there is a call out there for providing essential items for the IDPs. Please help in any way you can and show our fellow brothers and sisters we really do care about them.

Items needed:
- Wearable used/new cloths
- Bottled water
- Food items
- Dry rations
- Milk powder for children (Laksprey, Anchor etc)
- sanitary items

Collection centres
BMICH Colombo and all the Divisional Secretariat offices in the country and to relevant media institutions.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday My Princess

Five years ago you were placed in my arms
A pink screaming bundle
One look at your beautiful face
Made me an emotional muddle

The first year flew by so fast
All I remember is a pinky haze
Of endless feeding and dirty diapers
And me walking around in a sleepy daze

Then you turned a bubbly One
And started chattering and walking
There was me on all fours
Trying to keep you from falling

Ah, then came the terrible twos
Where tantrums were a daily ritual
How I wanted to tear my hair
I think the feeling was mutual

Then my darling turned three
Where I gave a big old sigh
Hoping and praying that
the end of tantrums were drawing nigh

Four brought about such a change
A sweet and gentle angel you became
Hair band, bangles and pretty pink shoes
All became part of the game

Happy B’day my princess
Today you turned five
You are my pride and joy
One of the reasons I am glad I’m alive

I love you with all my heart
And hope all your little wishes come true
That you’ll grow up to be a kind and wonderful soul
Is my wish for you…

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Last Day of School

H1 said good bye to her friends at school. We though she'll be pretty sad but guess what she is more thrilled at the prospect of staying at home with Ammi for a few weeks!

With her favourite teacher.

This happens to be H1's boy friend' Euan. According to the the teacher, they do everything together. When it's nap time they even sleep together with their legs entangled. (if I knew that earlier I would have taken her off school much much earlier ;o)

Let me hug you Euan!

on a diferent note, have so much to do before we go back that I don't think I'll be updating the blog very often. i don't even want to think about all the boxes we need to pack for shipping.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Darndest Things

My poor hubby has the unenviable task of taking H1 to school in public transport where she usually utters the most embarrassing things for all to hear.

She's quite a chatterbox and you can imagine how after a while most people around her would be secretly listening to her banter with much amusement.

She's been known to say things like, "Thaathi when I was in Ammi's tummy I used to kick her hard," or "Do you want to smell my buttocks? tee hee hee"

Once she announced to the whole bus that, "I first want a gold fish, then a cat, then a dog and theeeeeeen a baby cause babies take such a long time to come!"

Just last week Hubby came home and said, "She was chatting away as usual in the loudest possible voice making sure everyone was listening and said, 'Thaathi, Smitha passed a motion in school today!"

On a different note, she told me last week that, "You eat too much! you tummy is getting way too fat!" ;o) Kids do say the darndest things don't they?