Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday My Princess

Five years ago you were placed in my arms
A pink screaming bundle
One look at your beautiful face
Made me an emotional muddle

The first year flew by so fast
All I remember is a pinky haze
Of endless feeding and dirty diapers
And me walking around in a sleepy daze

Then you turned a bubbly One
And started chattering and walking
There was me on all fours
Trying to keep you from falling

Ah, then came the terrible twos
Where tantrums were a daily ritual
How I wanted to tear my hair
I think the feeling was mutual

Then my darling turned three
Where I gave a big old sigh
Hoping and praying that
the end of tantrums were drawing nigh

Four brought about such a change
A sweet and gentle angel you became
Hair band, bangles and pretty pink shoes
All became part of the game

Happy B’day my princess
Today you turned five
You are my pride and joy
One of the reasons I am glad I’m alive

I love you with all my heart
And hope all your little wishes come true
That you’ll grow up to be a kind and wonderful soul
Is my wish for you…


  1. Sweet poem Su.. Wish your li'l daughter a Fabulous Birthday!

  2. so sweet. happy b'day to Nethmi:)lovely posts btw. how wonderful it would be one day when she realizes that she had a blog dedicated to her with all her mothers love.

  3. I think that with a mother like you, she'll have no problem growing up to be a kind and wonderful soul!

    Happy birthday, little Nethmi! Have a wonderful day. I hope that one day Gordon and I will get to meet you all. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Princess!

    loved your poem...

  5. Thanks Everyone. I'll pass on all your wishes to her.

  6. Love this's beautiful. Happy bday nethmi!

  7. Wonderful poem Sue.... Happy Belated b'day darln Nethmi!!!!

  8. awww.....wish her a happy belated b'day for me pls..:)

    imagine, when she grows up and sees this blog..she'll feel something so extraordinary coz it's lovely to be able to go back and hear or read about what we've done back then..:)

  9. Happy belated Birth day wishes for Little Nethmi. I am sure Nethmi will be proud of her mum one day when she really start reading these blogs. Keep it up Sue...Tc

  10. Happy B'td B'day :-)
    Nice post. Just to let you know you are added to my blogroll. I’ve been a lurker on your blog but finally decided to add. Keep going :-)

  11. So sweet Wishing your family all the best!