Sunday, July 18, 2010

11 months old!

My baby is 11 months old today!

Though she delights me in everything that she does, she is turning out be a real rascal. Seriously! 
She growls with anger when she's not given what she wants. She bites us.
She was only shown twice how to climb down a step (facing backwards) and now she climbs down the bed, the sofa or anywhere high just cause she can. 
She crawls at high-speed, screeching in anticipation and heads straight to my dressing table to pull down all my bottles of cream.
She hates to see anything in a box. She would pull each item off the box and tosses them over her shoulder. (it's adorable to watch literally tosses them over her shoulder.). When there are a number of items in the box, she gets impatient and lifts the whole box over her head so that all the stuff comes raining down on her.

She does not let Akki do anything without being a total pain to her. She would pull all of Akki's stationary out of her pencil case while Akki does homework. If Akki does not pay attention to her, she would pat Akki's face or pull her hair.

I thought this one was the quiet baby. Life keeps throwing surprises at you ha?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Drama Queen in Action

H1was awaiting the arrival of her Grandma and Grandpa with such anticipation. I didn't know she drew 'I love you' cards for them. She's always drawing them for her Thaaththi and me. I was watching Jamie Oliver make a dessert with Rhubarb, and I just happen to have some Rhubarb in the fridge and needed something to jot down to recipe on. There was a paper with some of H1's drawings, so I took the notes down on the reverse side of the drawing. (In my defense, she does tend to leave her drawings lying all over the place.)

Then I went into the bathroom for a shower. After a while, there was heavy pounding on the door with, "Ammi, come out for a second. AMMI, Come out NOW!!!''

When I did finally open the door, there was H1 with hands on her hips, tapping fer foot going, 'Why did you write on my card for Kiri Amma? Why? Ha? Ha?"

She throws open her hands palms facing up and exclaims, "Do you know my hands are hurting after all that drawing? Ha? Ha?"

Then she looks down with her neck bending at such a dramatic angle and says, ""Do you know my neck hurts after looking down to draw? Ha? Ha"? Why did you do it? Ha?"

After much apologizing from me, she calmed down enough to go draw another card, but the moment her grandparents did arrive she went rushing off to tell them how horrible her mother was to draw on her much labored card for them.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Time flies....

The things my almost 11 month old can do (can you believe it's almost 11 months?? I can't!)

-Says 'Amma’,’baba’ and 'akkra’- which we assume means akka
-Can hold on to things and stand and cruises along walls and furniture
-Stands on her own for a second or two
-Says áh!’when ever the phone rings.
-Waves her hand when asked to say ‘’Bye-Bye’
-Loves to bangs things on the floor to get a sound.
-Shows her displeasure quite vehemently when a thing she wants is not given or taken away.
-Holds baby rusks or toast and eats them on her own

She also has four baby teeth which sometimes make a her look like a rabbit, other times a squirrel ;)