Sunday, July 4, 2010

Time flies....

The things my almost 11 month old can do (can you believe it's almost 11 months?? I can't!)

-Says 'Amma’,’baba’ and 'akkra’- which we assume means akka
-Can hold on to things and stand and cruises along walls and furniture
-Stands on her own for a second or two
-Says áh!’when ever the phone rings.
-Waves her hand when asked to say ‘’Bye-Bye’
-Loves to bangs things on the floor to get a sound.
-Shows her displeasure quite vehemently when a thing she wants is not given or taken away.
-Holds baby rusks or toast and eats them on her own

She also has four baby teeth which sometimes make a her look like a rabbit, other times a squirrel ;)


  1. My little one is just 2 months. She can't do any of those yet :)

  2. Awww! :D Can't believe H2 is 11 months! Time does fly indeed. :D

  3. Oh no!! Sorry GG, Chavie and Kirigalpoththa, I tired to access the blog on my phone and ended up deleting your comments :(
    Just had enough time to read about Kirigalpoththa's two month old baby! wow, congrats. welcome to the paranting club ;)
    Chavie-I can't seem to comment on your blog when I go through the site you gave me. But I can comment on other blogs. How come?

  4. Awww... H2 sounds like such a cutie!

  5. Thanks a lot :)
    Since joining parenting club the life has changed immensely. Great club to be in :D