Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions I wish my two year old would make:

1. I will not cry for every single thing.
2. I will not have tantrums.
3. I will not say "NO!" when asked to brush my teeth, get dressed, eat, clean up my toys, etc.
4. I will not fuzz every single day about going to school.
5. I will fall asleep in fifteen minutes instead of the one hour I take.
6. I will learn to fall asleep alone.
7. I will stop being a fuzzy eater and eat up everything that's put before me.
8. I will sit still in one place when asked to do so.
9. I will not scream.
10 I will behave my self in public places.

In short I wish baby would stop being a toddler going through the terrible twos!!!!

Friday, December 29, 2006


My sister came for a visit on the 16th and left today. She is No. 1 in baby's list of favourite people. She calls my sister Puncha which loosely means aunt in Sinhalese.

Puncha went back to Sri Lanka today. Got baby ready for Puncha's departure from yesterday by reminding her several times that Puncha will be leaving and got her to help pack the bags as well.

From the time that H1 got up today she didn't leave Puncha's side. When I tried to join their play she would shut the door on me! I guess she really wanted Puncha for her self on the last day. She kept on asking "Why do you have to go Puncha?", which ofcause made my sister cry several times.

On the way to the airport she kept on asking the same question and said "Don't go today, go tomolow" which made my sister shed buckets of tears.

After much hugging, kissing and crying we finally said good-bye to Puncha and all the way back home H1 kept on saying:

"I want Puncha"

"I love Puncha"

"I like her so very much"

"I want my Puncha"

I could really feel that she was trying to understand what she was feeling. She must be feeling sad and must really miss my sister. And in her baby ways she was trying to let me know this.

Both Hubby and I are trying to distract her from missing Puncha and as I am typing this H1 is out riding the bicycle with her dad. We are hoping that at least for now she will not miss her Puncha too much.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Malacca, Malaysia

Went on holiday to Malacca last Friday. We took the bus from Singapore and it was a five hour journey. Baby was surprisingly well behaved throughout the journey. She was extremely pleased with her self when we told her what a good girl she was being!

On the first night however she cried saying "I want to go home". The unfamiliarity of the hotel and the whole "holiday" situation must have bothered her. I don't think she remembers the times we went on holiday back in Sri Lanka. Because of her reaction we realised that we haven't been on an "holiday" for about a year!

Throughout the four days that we were there, she would say "I want to go home now" from time to time. I guess visiting forts, museums and shopping malls isn't her idea of fun ;o). Of cause we made sure that she had her fair share of baby fun by taking her to play grounds, the beach and Mc Donalds!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Conversation between my husband and baby after she screamed and misbehaved in the MRT station;

Hubby : H1i don't scream like that in the station. Its not a nice thing to do

Baby : I don't remember (screaming) Thaathi

Hubby : Next time if you do that I will take you straight home without taking you out. Do you understand?

Baby : I can't understand you Thaathi

Monday, December 18, 2006

Day Care

Started baby on daycare at the beginning of the month. All of us are gradually getting used to the idea.

H1 still cries every morning and its a struggle to get her ready to go.
I stayed the first day with her and she was fine, I guess because she felt secure with the knowledge that I was there. But she got upset each instant that she had to share toys or attention with any of the other kids.

I left her crying the second day because the teacher asked me to leave saying that's the best way to get her to settle down. It was heartbreaking to leave my baby in a strangers arms while she was screaming and crying....It was so hard to keep my tears from falling while I walked back home alone...

The house was so quite and for the first time after baby was born, I found my self wondering what to do with my time. Of cause this feeling didn't last after a few days. I now actually look forward to the time alone :O)

Even into the third week she is still crying in the morning and sometimes before bedtime saying "I don't like school..I don't want to go". It must be so hard for her to be away from me as she was with me 24-7 from the day that she was born until now (a whole 2 years and 8 months). But I think this step that we took is all for the best. She will learn to share things, wait for her turn, realise that she doesn't come first in all things and learn good social skills. Things I can't teach her at home....

The teacher says she is quite happy once we drop her I guess we'll just give it some time for her to settle down.....