Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Malacca, Malaysia

Went on holiday to Malacca last Friday. We took the bus from Singapore and it was a five hour journey. Baby was surprisingly well behaved throughout the journey. She was extremely pleased with her self when we told her what a good girl she was being!

On the first night however she cried saying "I want to go home". The unfamiliarity of the hotel and the whole "holiday" situation must have bothered her. I don't think she remembers the times we went on holiday back in Sri Lanka. Because of her reaction we realised that we haven't been on an "holiday" for about a year!

Throughout the four days that we were there, she would say "I want to go home now" from time to time. I guess visiting forts, museums and shopping malls isn't her idea of fun ;o). Of cause we made sure that she had her fair share of baby fun by taking her to play grounds, the beach and Mc Donalds!!!

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