Monday, December 18, 2006

Day Care

Started baby on daycare at the beginning of the month. All of us are gradually getting used to the idea.

H1 still cries every morning and its a struggle to get her ready to go.
I stayed the first day with her and she was fine, I guess because she felt secure with the knowledge that I was there. But she got upset each instant that she had to share toys or attention with any of the other kids.

I left her crying the second day because the teacher asked me to leave saying that's the best way to get her to settle down. It was heartbreaking to leave my baby in a strangers arms while she was screaming and crying....It was so hard to keep my tears from falling while I walked back home alone...

The house was so quite and for the first time after baby was born, I found my self wondering what to do with my time. Of cause this feeling didn't last after a few days. I now actually look forward to the time alone :O)

Even into the third week she is still crying in the morning and sometimes before bedtime saying "I don't like school..I don't want to go". It must be so hard for her to be away from me as she was with me 24-7 from the day that she was born until now (a whole 2 years and 8 months). But I think this step that we took is all for the best. She will learn to share things, wait for her turn, realise that she doesn't come first in all things and learn good social skills. Things I can't teach her at home....

The teacher says she is quite happy once we drop her I guess we'll just give it some time for her to settle down.....


  1. How about chapter on that doctor Sok or whoever

  2. Good Idea! ;o). Its Dr. Sears actually. I am thinking of addding a list of my favourite sites which would include parenting sites, so "that doctor Sok" will certainly feature in it :o)