Friday, December 29, 2006


My sister came for a visit on the 16th and left today. She is No. 1 in baby's list of favourite people. She calls my sister Puncha which loosely means aunt in Sinhalese.

Puncha went back to Sri Lanka today. Got baby ready for Puncha's departure from yesterday by reminding her several times that Puncha will be leaving and got her to help pack the bags as well.

From the time that H1 got up today she didn't leave Puncha's side. When I tried to join their play she would shut the door on me! I guess she really wanted Puncha for her self on the last day. She kept on asking "Why do you have to go Puncha?", which ofcause made my sister cry several times.

On the way to the airport she kept on asking the same question and said "Don't go today, go tomolow" which made my sister shed buckets of tears.

After much hugging, kissing and crying we finally said good-bye to Puncha and all the way back home H1 kept on saying:

"I want Puncha"

"I love Puncha"

"I like her so very much"

"I want my Puncha"

I could really feel that she was trying to understand what she was feeling. She must be feeling sad and must really miss my sister. And in her baby ways she was trying to let me know this.

Both Hubby and I are trying to distract her from missing Puncha and as I am typing this H1 is out riding the bicycle with her dad. We are hoping that at least for now she will not miss her Puncha too much.

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