Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Last Day of School

H1 said good bye to her friends at school. We though she'll be pretty sad but guess what she is more thrilled at the prospect of staying at home with Ammi for a few weeks!

With her favourite teacher.

This happens to be H1's boy friend' Euan. According to the the teacher, they do everything together. When it's nap time they even sleep together with their legs entangled. (if I knew that earlier I would have taken her off school much much earlier ;o)

Let me hug you Euan!

on a diferent note, have so much to do before we go back that I don't think I'll be updating the blog very often. i don't even want to think about all the boxes we need to pack for shipping.


  1. that was so sweet!!!! the 'boy friend' is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet too..:)

    oh my...moving mayhem eh? all the best with that! :)

  2. Awww! She'll miss Euan.

    Best of luck with the move. I hope everything goes smoothly. Don't overdo things, eh?!

  3. I felt the same during my daughter's closing ceremony at school. A part of me wanted to hold on to the friendships that she was able to make, and the connection that she made with her teachers. But my daughter was more prepared for it than I was. I was truly relieved. Good luck on your move! I hope Nethmi will have a smooth transition.

  4. Cute... Good luck with the packing and moving...

  5. they have nap time in school? clearly, that's where my parents went wrong! the school they sent me to pulled me up when i fell asleep AND there were no boys for me to do it with ;) damn. they stole my childhood.