Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Darndest Things

My poor hubby has the unenviable task of taking H1 to school in public transport where she usually utters the most embarrassing things for all to hear.

She's quite a chatterbox and you can imagine how after a while most people around her would be secretly listening to her banter with much amusement.

She's been known to say things like, "Thaathi when I was in Ammi's tummy I used to kick her hard," or "Do you want to smell my buttocks? tee hee hee"

Once she announced to the whole bus that, "I first want a gold fish, then a cat, then a dog and theeeeeeen a baby cause babies take such a long time to come!"

Just last week Hubby came home and said, "She was chatting away as usual in the loudest possible voice making sure everyone was listening and said, 'Thaathi, Smitha passed a motion in school today!"

On a different note, she told me last week that, "You eat too much! you tummy is getting way too fat!" ;o) Kids do say the darndest things don't they?


  1. lol...they sure do..:)

    Once my mum said... that when I was small..maybe around 3ish.. what they usually do is after we were washed, they would powder us before we're dressed... so once, at a friends gathering, I had loudly asked an aunty at the party " see, my parents powder me like this when I'm washed (and described it all).. you think thaththie lays ammie on the bed and powders her after she has a wash?

    and all hell broke lose and everyone heard about it and started laughing!

  2. heh heh..your comment just reminded me of something else she said and I linked that post as darndest things in this one. i am sure daddy boy would have powdered ammie too ;o)

  3. omg she sounds like me when i was her age. someone should tell kids that all those priceless comments would haunt them for life because they would be regaled at every single family gathering and party. just two days back i had to listen to all these anecdotes from when i was small and some of it is very embarrassing!

  4. I would love to take public transport with Nethmi for a day, just to hear what she comes up with! She's just adorable. And so funny!

  5. Talk about the freedom of speech.. =D She sounds so adorable and funny.. hehe..