Friday, January 18, 2008

Powerpuff Power

How violent little kids’ world is these days. I don’t ever recall saying the kind of things my daughter utters when she is mad with us, when we were young. Then again, I don’t think we were exposed to TV and such media at such a young age.
Following are a few ‘interesting’ threats she uttered recently:

“I will throw you out, and you will die!”

“When I grow up I will throw you out!”

“I will put fire on your wee-wee and you will die!” (This was said to Hubby and I can almost see him shudder at the thought ;o)

“When I become a Powerpuff Girl, I will push you out!”
To which my husband replied, “Naughty girls can’t be Powerpuff Girls. Only good girls can.”
Hooty retorted, “No! I will be a Naughty Powerpuff Girl!”

Should we be worried? I don’t know. But I think she learns it all from her peers and I feel it’s a passing phase, as my friends recount similar stories of their young ones who are around the same age as Hooty.

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