Friday, June 22, 2007

A Doggy Tale

We went for dinner at a friend's place last Tuesday. He has a lovely pug and Hooty was extremely fascinated with her.

She was so exited by the fact that the dog seems to like her, that she was talking about it non-stop, going on and on about how the doggy was following her.

She would sit on the floor and the little fellow would come over and lick her face. Hooty would squeal in delight, "Oooooooh! she's kissing me!"

She would also walk around the table and try to get the dog to follow. It was a pleasure to see her excitement and delight and I was glad that from a young age my daughter can love her fellow creatures and take delight in them.

One thing I promised my self is that I will get her a puppy or a kitty as soon as we go back to Sri Lanka.

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