Sunday, April 1, 2007


Boo hoo hoo...Nethmi has lost the lovely accent she had and is now speaking in a typical Singaporean accent! (What was I expecting now that she spends most of the day with Singaporeans ha?)

The way Singaporeans speak is generally called "Singlish" and Nethmi is getting to be quite an expert in it! Singaporeans have a habit of adding the word 'already' at the end of sentences where it is most inappropriate to do so! For example: "Pick up your toys, already!" and this 'already' is said in a dragging manner -- 'alreadieee'. So, now Nethmi uses this word whenever possible in her sentences, only she says "readieee" so it sounds something like "Pick up your toys readieee".

Nethmi also says 'can not' and 'do not' instead of 'can't' and 'don't' as is popular here. And this too is said by dragging the word (cahnnaaaat).

Some words however are said real abruptly. Nethmi now says 'Mahc Dohnalds' instead of Mc Donalds!

Oh well! You can't--I mean cahnaaaat--expect everything to go the way you want it. So, as long as we are here, I suppose we'll have to live with Nethmi speaking 'Singlish'!


  1. Darling Nethmi
    Well done my sweet heart. Tell Ma that when you are in Rome do as the Romans do. If not you become a "foreigner" & could get out cast.
    I will give you few more tips, add "La" at the end. When you want to say no say "NO(drag) La". If your friend is trying to listen to some one else's talk, say "Don't Kepo". Now your Ma must be Screeeeeaming!!!!. Once you learn this, I will send you few more tips. Good luck darling, that's how you integrate in to soceity.

  2. hey sis
    can understand ur frustration. most lingists have in fact taken singlish as a distinct variety of engish and have gone to town with the way they have adapted the queens language to create their own unique language.
    unfortunately, ur right when u say that there is simply nothing u can do about it...cause that's a linguistically proven fact. worst part is that it sounds so unpleasant to the ear...
    well, as soon a s ur girl gets back, she wil soon pick up our good old sri lankan english .... so NOT TO WORRY, NO?? hi hi hi