Monday, April 21, 2008

She's FOUR!

Hooty is FOUR years old!!

What a hectic week it has been.

Monday - It all started with Hooty having a fever last Monday night.

Tuesday – Hubby had to stay with her on Tuesday. We were a little worried, what with all the buzz about Hand Foot and Mouth decease that’s going around these days. Hubby took her to our GP who said that it’s just the flu and that it’s OK to send her to day care even.

Arrival of first set of guests from Sri Lanka – Hubby's Akka (Nanna) , his cousin Namali and two of Namali’s friends.

Wednesday - Since the fever would only go down with regular doses of paracetamol, I decided to keep her from day-care. We had however ordered a birthday cake for school. So, I called Hooty’s teacher and asked if it’s OK to send Hooty over just for tea time to cut her cake and give out the goody bags to her friends. Since the doctor said it’s OK for her to go to day-care, the teacher was OK with it. So went along and she had a whale of a time celebrating her birthday with friends.

Thursday – My best friend Manju arrived with her husband and baby around lunchtime from Sri Lanka (on her way back home to Australia.) Namali and friends left to stay over at a hotel. Took Manju and Family out to dinner to Cleark Quay.

Friday – Totally forgot that I gave birth to my baby daughter on this day until my mother called to wish her! Well, in my defence (and my hubby’s – he forgot too!) I can say that it was because we planned to celebrate on Sunday, when everyone’s at home and relaxed ;o)

Saturday – Manju and family left for Australia in the evening. Took them out to lunch before that. Namali and friends came back to our place.

Sunday. – Hooty had loads of gifts (send through Nanna by everyone back home in Sri Lanka) waiting for her when she woke up. Had a small dinner party to celebrate.

Namali and Co left early morning today. Nanna will be with us for about a month. We are all back at work and Hooty went to day-care. Phew!


  1. Happy belated B'day darling Nethmi!! you are growing up too soon.