Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dessert Storm

Over the weekend, I made a very sweet Sri Lankan dessert. Hooty loved it. (No surprise there as she has the biggest sweet tooth I’ve ever seen on anybody!)
So, after lunch on Saturday, both Hubs and Hooty were enjoying their pudding. Hooty quickly gulped down hers, calmly walked over to my hubby with her spoon and bowl and scraped half of Hubby’s pudding in to hers. Then she calmly went back to where she was sitting and started eating what she got from Hubby, while my poor bewildered husband looked on. After a few minutes Hooty stopped eating, looked at Hubby and with a very sweet voice said, “Thank you for sharing Thaaththi!”

I think the saying “Like taking candy from a baby” should be changed, because kids now a days are crafty enough to take it from the adults!

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