Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Hooty has a new fashion fad. She doesn’t want to wear anything short. She doesn’t like to wear pants and she doesn’t want to wear anything that shows her shoulders! She also doesn’t want to wear anything blue because ‘it’s the boys’ colour.’ (Don’t ask me where she gets these ideas, definitely not from Hubs and me!)
She loves to wear dresses or skirts that are long. And she would ask for T-shirts that would ‘cover my arms.’

How ironic life is…come teenage years and I’ll be the one begging her to wear long dresses/skirts and long sleeved things while she insists on wearing tank tops and micro minis.


  1. This is so nice... and when I was reading about long sleeves couldn't stop remembering Ardhila...

  2. Yeah..she used to tease me a lot about what I used to wear. She will definitely approve of Nethmi's trends ;o)

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