Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Puppy Love

We were invited to Christmas lunch at a friend’s place. H1 was in raptures because there were two cuty- pie pooches there. (So was I…ahh doggy heaven!)

I know the video is of horrible quality as I recorded it using my phone, but I think it tells you the whole story. H1 patted and kissed and prodded and hugged those doggies all day long. She was not even interested in the yummy turkey.

Amy was a little shy of her first but would go to her whenever she called out her name and let her do whatever she wanted. But Jack the rascal decided after a while that H1 would make a lovely mate and er..started doing what doggies sometimes do. ;o). Much to Jack’s dismay and annoyance, Hubby quickly rescued my daughter ;o)

H1 didn’t even want to go home after the lunch as she was having so much fun. It made me more determined to get her a pet doggy ASAP…maybe not of Jack’s caliber but more of an Amy!


  1. Ooooh!! The doggies are adorable, and Nethmi looks like she is in seventh heaven. :) It's so nice that Amy got along with Nethmi. Jack, Jack was just being a typical male. ;)

  2. sigh...that prude of a husband of mine thinks it's inappropriate to leave that sentence regarding I slightly changed it ;o)

  3. annaaaa!! sweeeeeet!
    Get Nethmi a cute pup!!! :) Not all kids like pets you know... Nethmi deserves one..:)

  4. That was lovely and it was good to hear that Nethmi is getting a pup soon!

  5. hey i cant access the video clip :(

  6. udari...must be cause ur office blocks it (as usual) :O)