Monday, January 19, 2009

@ Ze Zoo

Took H1 to the Singapore Zoo (I think she can bag the prize for the kid who most visits the zoo) last weekend. They've installed a new water play area. H1 forgot all about the animals for a while and had a blast.

A bell would sound when the huge container is full and kids from all over would rush under it waiting for the huge blast of water. My cowardy cat refused to go anywhere near it.

Of cause I can't be outdone by Knatolee who keeps posting of lovely animals pics now can I. She had a post on miniature ponies last week. These we found at the Petting Zoo.

And these, by far are my favourite animals, next to my hubby boy of cause ;o)


  1. Ooh i loved that container with water that tips over. there was one at Sunway Lagoon in M'sia and it took my parents quite a while to get their 20 something daughter out of there.

  2. I wanna go to the zoo tooooooooooooooo......
    and those animals....are luvly!
    the last one.. who likes like us...seems to be having a ball of a time...;)was he/she posing for you? ;)

  3. Sach - heh heh..I know what u mean. I badly wanted to join in but forgot to take a change of cloths. there were loads of daddies pretending look after the kids...but would be the first to rush into the water bucket thingy ;o)

    LD - Yeah they were gorgeous. There was a mom tending to her baby. It was soooooooo heart-warming to watch So like humans. And unlike the SL zoo u don't feel sorry for the animals cause they are not caged up...atleast they are in larger enclosed areas that are more natural.

    The one with the leaf was patting the tree repeatedly with it. (I think he was bored) Nethmi said 'He is dusting the tree' so I guess that explains it ;o)

  4. Hi Surani how are you? Singapore zoo is my favourite place there next to orchard road :).

    The water play area looks like a lot of fun hopefully we ll get to visit it soon..

  5. My neighbour's dwarf mini horse is SUPPOSED to look like the pics on your site. You can see now how abnormally small he is! (Poor guy, but she's taking good care of him!) Of course, our local mini also has his very thick winter coat on right now, unlike your lucky Singapore ones!

    The water park looks great. I could SO do with a beach vacation right now. Alas, I shall have to wait. What a shame you couldn't jump in the water too, Surani.

    Aren't orangutans wonderful? You know, I have a pic of an orangutan at the zoo in Colombo. I agree, the Singapore zoo looks much nicer BUT I have seen far worse than the SL zoo in my travels.

  6. waah, no fair! i also want to live in a country where the zoo has a water park as well as animals instead of one with old, malnourished animals stuck in cages they shouldn't be in :(

  7. you haven't blogged in a alright?

  8. Thanks Lady's a long long weekend here cause of the Chinese New year and i've been taking it a little easy for a few days. Thanks for looking out for me :o)

  9. anytime..:) good to know you had a nice time..:)