Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To kiss or not to kiss - that is the question

There was a couple kissing on TV and H1 turns to me and says, “Ammi, when you found Thaathi, did you kiss him before you married?”

After a lot of hemming and urrrrming I said, “Yeah, we waited till we married” (I had my fingers crossed OK ;o)

And she asks again, “Why?” I say, “Well, that’s how it is. Good girls wait till they are married.” (Ok so I am a hypocrite – shoot me) Hubby is making all sorts of faces when he hears this and says, “Yeah, your mom was a reaaaaaaaaally gooooooood girl, making it hard for me to keep a straight face.

Then my Smarty-Pants says, “But in Singapore they don’t wait. Why do they wait in Sri Lanka?” “Oh well, in some countries you are expected to wait.” I mumble.

I am NOT going to wait!” She declares.
That settles it! I am going to tail her everywhere she goes when she turns into a teenager or maybe I should start sooner?


  1. this is superb... i couldn’t help my laughter.... I could imagine how ur face was when u were lying ur teeth off.... :)

  2. trust me, even the smartest mum will not be able to catch a teen when he/she tries to do something they want..:)

    don't worry..:) she's still small... advice her well.. and just guide her..that's all..:) don't be overprotective also..coz it makes you want to do the 'dont's" even more..:)

    just guide her and you're great at it..:)

  3. I know udari..I did think of you when I wrote this. You were there through it all ha ;o)

    Hey LD...I know...I was a teenager once ;o)
    You are right..that's that's plan - to guide and all, but maaaaaan I dread the teen years.

  4. haha that's so funny. by the time she's a teenager, kissing will be the least of your worries methinks.

  5. I know Sach. Do you think I should lock her up in a tower like Rapunzel and make sure she doesn't grow her hair? ;o) I pity my parents now and I guess it's my turn to take the 'what goes around comes around' in a few years time yah?

  6. I love your daughter. She has such a mind of her own!! Start tailing her now. :)))

  7. Thanks Kntolee...yeah, I think I will ;O)