Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who's Sexy?

Haven't posted here for ages....has Hooty become less interesting? ;o)

Actually, I think I've been so busy that I haven't been listening to her fully. Had a few guests over the last couple of weeks. First my cousin S dropped by on his way to Sri Lanka from England. I haven't seen the fellar for 7 years!!! Then M (Hubby's cuz) got sick and her dad came over pell mell.

Thanks to a comment my hubby made on one of my outfits, the following conversation took place.

H: "Ammi, what's 'sexy'?"
Me : "Oh! It's another word for 'pretty' I guess...but it's not a word that little girls should use. Only grownups are supposed to use it OK."
H: "Ammi, you look sexy!"
Me : "Why thank you, but I prefer for you to say 'Ammi, you look pretty!"

Hope she has forgotten the 'S' word...haven't heard her mention it after that. Note to self and hubby - Be very mindful of what you say in front of a kid. They have a knack for picking up all the 'sensitive words'.

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