Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's so Real

Hooty has this huge doggy soft toy that looks a lot like a real dog. She named it Max. Sometimes Max becomes so real to her that she forgets it is make belief. Max talks to her, plays with her and lets us know what he thinks! (Yep, a dog with an attitude, just like my daughter with a BIG attitude!)

These days, usually while having dinner, we would catch the programme ‘Wheel of Fortune’, where contestants guess words or phrases. Hubby and I would sometimes shout out the answers, but most of the time Max would know the answer too! Hooty would say, “Max knew that!” or “Max already said the answer.”

Yesterday, while watching the show, I guessed out loud an answer, and Hooty immediately said, “Max said that too!” After thinking quietly for a while Hooty says in a small voice, “Max is so clever…why am I not so clever,” and she was so upset that she started crying!

So, I had to tell her, “Of course you are clever darling. You can sing and Max can’t do that. And you can draw such pretty pictures and Max can’t do that and you can read books. You read books to Max right? See, so you are clever too.” She looked thoughtful for a while and finally gave me a smile though her tears.

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