Tuesday, July 22, 2008

They are Medium, Thank you!

After her bath, Hubby walked into the room and declared, “I will have big kukki (breasts) like Ammi when I grow up!”

Suppressing a smile, Hubby said, “Yes darling, but not for a very long time. You need to grow up a bit for that and till then they will be small.”

Highly offended, Hooty replied, “These are NOT small, they are medium sized Thaaththi!”


  1. Ha ha ha. Oh, Surani, I loved this post! Why is it that these girls are so obsessed about these things at this age? ;-) Nishali is always pulling my blouse wanting to take a peek...she too says the most amusing things about them. Oh, I had such a laugh when I read your post. ;-)

  2. aww omg sooo adorable reallY! haha