Monday, August 13, 2007

Poop Stories

Last week my Mom-in-law recounted this story about Hooty ’s cousin, who is about 6 months older than her. He had come up to my Mom-in-law and had said, “Athamma, I put an umbrella!”. Being extremely puzzled by this declaration, she had asked, “What do you mean darling?” and he had replied, “I did an umbrella, a ‘ooh’, a ‘ooh’.”
So, to solve the big mystery, she had followed the little fellow, who had proudly shown her the newly…um...laid poop in the shape of the letter U!! Of course, we all know 'U is for Umbrella' ;o)

Now, Hooty too takes huge pride in the shape and size of her excrement!!
She would scream at the top her voice asking Hubby and me to come and take a look at her you-know-what. She would say:
“Thaaththi! Ammi! I did a BIG one! Come and see,” and she wouldn’t stop until we would (with wrinkled up faces) go take a peak into the toilet bowl! (Yeah! Yeah! One of the many perks of being a parent! —You are treated to visual and other sensory delights!!)

So, yesterday, while sitting on the throne, Hooty suddenly screeched, “Ammi! Thaaththi! Look! I put a bird!” and poor Hubby and I had to go take a look. My daughter sure has a lot of imagination I must say! It certainly looked like a bird. I mean there it was, one piece lying vertically while the other horizontally, forming the ‘wings’ of the ‘bird’!

Then, a few minutes after, she goes, “Look everybody! I put a crocodile!”
I refused to go this time saying, “Call me once you’ve done a whole zoo!” but poor Hubby had to go take a look and he claimed that it did indeed look like a crock with its mouth open wide!

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