Tuesday, December 4, 2007

'Buss' off

Today while getting ready for work and school;

Me: “Hootyiiiiii. Please hurry up. Ammi was late these past few days. My boss will scold me.”
N: “Does the ‘bus’ have a mouth?”
Me: “Of course she does”
N: (complaining to Thaaththi) “Thaaththi Ammi says her ‘bus’ has a mouth!!”

Then only did we realise that she thought we were talking about a BUS and not a BOSS. So we tried explaining what a boss was. That there was a ‘big’ person we work for.

Hubby: “Well, when you are at home, Ammi and Thaaththi are your bosses. And when you are in school, your teacher is your boss.”
N: “When I have a brother and a sister can they be my boss?”

Oh well, she doesn’t know she is actually the boss in our family ;o)

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