Monday, May 26, 2008

Miss Pinch-A-Lot

Yesterday when I went to pick Hooty up from school, her teacher told me, “Hooty has started pinching her friends. When she can’t get them to follow her, she pinches them to get her way. When they complain, she immediately says ‘sorry’. So I told her saying sorry means that you should not do it again, but she does.”

So, on our way back home, I asked her about it, and my cheeky monkey says, ‘But I say ‘sorry’ all the time!”, as if that would rectify her hurting her friends! So I explained that that’s not the case and made sure she understood that it’s wrong. All the while she was glaring at me with her arms crossed. Only when I told her that I am ashamed of her and that it made me very sad did her tough stance break and she began to cry. And she promised that she won’t do it again.

She usually doesn’t break her promises so I am hoping this is the last I hear of Miss Pinch-a-lot.

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