Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A wish...

This post is not about my daughter at all…..

This post is a dedication, a wish, a hope for my two friends who lost their unborn baby at eight months.

Eight months is a long time to dream and hope and make castles in the air. I can barely imagine what they must be going through and I wish them strength, hope and love to get through this oh so difficult time.

I think only parents who have gone through this will understand, and parents to be, the whole emotional attachment to your child be it still unborn or born. I remember when I was pregnant with Hooty, I was so scared to hope for and dream of a healthy baby until the dreaded first trimester passed because that’s the period most miscarriages occur. And I was so scared of telling anyone in case I didn’t carry to full term. And I was counting the days…literally counting each day till I reached 24 months—as most literature on pregnancy states that if a baby is born after this period there is a chance that they will survive. And I remember me sighing with relief on the day I reached that millstone and thinking, ‘now my baby is safe.’ But knowing in your heart of heart that things don’t work that way and things can go wrong for so many reasons.

Even with knowing all this, you just can’t help dreaming about this little miracle growing in you. You can’t help planning out a whole future with this little being.

I hope and pray my friends will pull through this…..
I wish them joy, love and hope…..


  1. Hi

    A friend of mine pointed the way to your blog. i'm so glad because i find it fascinating.

    I do hope your friends pulled through. i can't imagine how it must feel to lose your child after such a long time. i remember counting the days days till week 24 as well. I guess all mothers do that.

    Keep writing.

  2. Hi Madsy,

    Thanks for the comment :o)

    Yeah...I think they are doing Ok. But I think healing takes some time...I just keep praying for them.

  3. Hi again Madsy,

    Thank you so much for the lovely mention in your blog. It made my day :o)

    Love your style of writing too and BTW I'll be a Polar Bear next time around ;o)

    I tried putting this up on your site, but it takes me to an error page.