Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Second Month: Big Smiles

My baby is two months today! 'The second month is baby's social debut - the coming out of her self' says Dr Sears' Baby Book (my baby bible by the way).

H2 does smile now, but she is a little stingy with her smiles. I remember H1 to be a big smiler by the time she hit two months. H2 however smiles quite a bit in her dreams. It's amazing how much of things she can do in her sleep that she is unable to do when she is awake. She laughs out loud, chuckles and sobs in her sleep. She can't do these while she is awake. It's such a mystery. We Buddhists believe that the baby is seeing things from her past life. (I mean, what can a two month old laugh about? She even chuckles like she is enjoying a good joke and sobs like she is really sad) Doctors say they are 'feel good' smiles or that they are just reflexes. I've heard Christians say that they are smiling with angels. I would really like to know why babies can do things in their sleep, that they can't do while awake. Any ideas?

While pondering on the above, take a look at H2 smiling in her sleep (The quality is quite bad cause it was taken from my phone). Enjoy!


  1. that was so adorably cute!!!!!

    interesting's not like i know a lot about babies..:)

    but this is....strangely amazing..:) She has fun in her sleep..:) lol

    and if she's seeing her past life - she must've had a really good one! :)

  2. awww!!! she's soooo cute when she smiles! :D I have no idea why they don't do that when their awake though... :)

  3. She is so cute Su! Definitely smiling cause having a chat with the angels

    She sobs when she hears the earth that she has stepped into his full of crazy nuts n corruption..

  4. Ooooh, she looks like she is having a sweet little dream! Never mind seeing angels, she IS one! :)