Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feeling Dealings

H1 was kicking up a fuzz yesterday while she was having dinner. She was sleepy and tired after a day of school and playing. It didn't help that she was eating something she wasn't exactly fond of either. H1 knows her feelings well and let's us know exactly how she is doing.

"I am cranky because I am sleepy" she said.

Then after a while of me telling her "Eat H1!" for the umpteenth time she snaps, "Do you think I am a shark to eat so fast? I wish I was a shark so I can gobble all this up!"

Then she whines and whines and exclaims "I am crabby! I am crabby like that crab in Sponge Bob!"

Ah! I love the way kids express their feelings. Don't you?


  1. Hahaha! Yay another Spongebob fan!!! :D

  2. cute :) she's aware of a feelings isn't shE? cool :)

  3. anaaaaaa...cute..:)

    She's smart in expressing what she feels, neda?

    Very cute..:)

  4. she is a lot smarter than her age! :)

  5. Hah ha, the pleasure of raising kids. ;)

  6. am beginning to love kids naow.