Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We visited Malaysia again, but this time we went to Kuala Lumpur. The journey again took 5 hours by bus. We went with a friend of Hubby's from his university, his wife, and H1's imaginary friends--a cat and a dog.

H1, from time to time, would bend and pick up the cat/dog from the ground and would sometimes ask me to carry them or put them in the back-pack. She would feed them imaginary food and water from time to time as well. They stayed with us right throughout the three-day trip. I haven't seen H1 playing with the pair after we got back home. They must have got lost on the way back!! (ha ha ha)

H1 was well behaved throughout the trip (except for a couple of tantrums when she was exhausted and sleepy).

This time there were no "I want to go home," every five minutes or so. On our way back home she said "I want to go to Malaysia again!". I guess the travel-bug has finally hit her!

Because she was well behaved during the journey to KL and the following day while sightseeing, we got her a noisy Poor Bear toy (which is currently driving me nuts!) which sings part of that Aqua song, "I'm a Barbie girl." Beats me why Poor Bear is singing "I am your dolly!"

I guess H1 sort of figured that if she is well behaved, she gets a toy-- because when I asked her to "Please be a good girl," on our way back to Singapore, she had the nerve to ask me "Will you buy me another toy?"

We visited lots of interesting places including the Eye on Malaysia, KL tower, Patronas tower, and Batu Caves.

H1 was very fuzzy while we were waiting in line for the Eye-on-Malaysia ride (similar to the London Eye). I suppose the size of the wheel and the fact that it was rotating made her scared. She kept on saying "I don't want to go." I told her to hug me tight and keep her eyes closed, if she is scared. But once we got into a carriage, she felt fine, because the interior looked similar to a cable car--which she is used to riding in. Once our ride started, we were treated to a spectacular fire-works display. This was the first time H1 has seen fire-works, and she was thrilled, and kept saying "They look like stars." She also kept identifying the colours of each burst of fire-works, and stating whose favourite colour it was. When it was blue, she would say "That's Ammi's favourite colour!" or when was red she'd say "That's Puncha's favourite colour!"

All in all, it was a great trip!

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  1. Suggest you visit South next time Kuantan. It is with beach front so pick a non monsoon time. You find a lime cave called Guha Chara, it is huge and very interesting.