Friday, February 2, 2007

A Fun Guy Named Funkai

H1's best friend in school is a sweet little Chineese fellow by the name of Funkai (atleast, I think that's the way it's spelt).

The very first few days that she attended school, I identified this fellow as the biggest bully in class, because I saw him take her toys away, and he even hit her once or twice. Something must have happened along the way and now they are the best of buddies! Whenever H1 talks about him, she calles him "My boy."

A few days back, when I went to pick H1 up, the teacher called out "H1, time to go home." Then my daughter came running towards me shouting "Ammi!!!," and gave me a hug. And there was Funkai running right behind H1 carrrying her bag and bottle! After I took them and thanked the little fellow, H1 gave him one flying kiss after the other. I think that was her way of thanking him.

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  1. Ji! Same thing we experienced with Manisha when she entered the Primary in Singapore. The toughest guy (Chinese boy ) was the best friend. He used to shout her name when seen her on the road.