Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Imaginary Friends

All of a sudden my living room becomes a Zoo! There are elephants, giraffes, kangaroos, and "kola bears" roaming all over the place. I am given a job I never applied for -- the post of zoo keeper, and my colleague is a nearly three year old brat! I am then forced to feed and water the animals, and put them to sleep when its nap time!

The above scenario is just one instant where H1 uses her imaginary friends to play with. The most frequent visitors to her imaginary land are a dog and cat. She would play for hours with them; feeding them, bathing them and petting them. She would even read stories to them. I know she badly wants a pet, and I guess this is her way of filling the void. I have promised her that as soon as we go back to Sri Lanka, I will get her a dog and a cat.

Another imaginary friend is a bird. This fellow manifested after an actual minah bird paid a visit to us. The bird must have been an escaped pet, because it was so tame that it even came into the house and started following H1 around! Ever since that incident, an imaginary little bird would descend once in a while, and I or my husband would have to "shoo" it away. Only H1 decides when the bird would fly away. So, when we say "shoo", she would say "Ammi, it's still there! 'Shoo' it away, 'shoo' it away!"

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