Friday, January 26, 2007


Oh! My baby is growing up!!

H1 now wants to do everything by her self. And she can do most of the things by her self!
She can get dressed on her own (even put on her pyjamas), she can wear shoes on her own and she even elected to carry her bag (which weighs about the same as her) to school.

Of course sometimes things can go wrong, like the times she would use one of the leg holes of her pantie as the waist!

I actually am thrilled to see how independent my little girl is becoming. Just two days ago her teacher was telling me how well she is settling and adjusting in school. So, these days, I am quite a happy mom!


  1. That is so cool. I guess the little things she does on her own are more than enough for her wonder you two are so proud of her

  2. I think today's Kids learn very fast and I believe you both are parent who believe in making them more independent. This is the key that makes the difference. I have seen quite the opposite in Sri Lanka. We crowed the child and make him more dependent on the adults, may be because of "Love" "affection" etc. But I donot think that helps to the growing of the child.