Tuesday, January 9, 2007

A bed, a farm and a baby

As the new year dawned, we decided to make a big change in H1's life (or so we thought). After making a huge deal about how big she is now and how nice it would be to start sleeping alone, we separated her bed from ours and placed it in another corner of the room.

Then I decorated the wall against which the bed was placed with stars and a moon that glows in the dark. I also placed loads of soft toys on her bed. (all this was done while my little girly was whimpering and crying asking me to move the bed back).

That night I let H1 fall asleep on our bed and moved her to her own bed once she was fast asleep. Around six in the morning she woke up and jumped onto our bed and slept again till eight.

A few days later we added a railing to the bed (we've been using chairs against the bed to stop her falling!).

The moment the railing was done H1 jumped on her bed and claimed that it looked like a farm (i guess she meant a pen in a farm) and immediately became a Billy Goat (Milly goat is what she says) going "Baa baa". (Now when ever she is on the bed she says "Thaathi I am a milly goat, you be the farmer OK?" and my husband has to pretend to feed her through the railings)

So it wasn't a big deal as we thought it would be. H1 just fuzzed a little on the first day but seems to have accepted it as the way things are done. Now she falls asleep on our bed, we move her to her bed once she is fast asleep and she jumps into ours around six every morning and sleeps a little more.

Another thing is that now she takes less than half an hour to fall asleep. Thats one new year resolution I was wishing she would make! (One down and nine to go!! ;o)

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