Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oh Boy!

This happened last July when we were in Sri Lanka for a short visit.

H1 was having a bath with her cousin brother who is 6 months older to her. Now my H1 girl has never seen naked fellow before, so she must have noticed something odd!

All of a sudden, H1 points to her cousin' private parts and exclaims "Oooooh look, there is an ELEPHANT!".

Well, you have to admit that she is pretty sharp to figure out the similarity between a trunk and!

All lookers on by now are laughing them selves silly when her cousin decides to turn away from H1 . My daughter who has a fascination for elephants was highly disappointed that it was taken from her view. So she exclaims again "Hey where did the elephant go?"

By now, as you can imagine, all on-lookers were rolling on the floor laughing!


  1. Smart mum;o))!!..... watching super nanny xxx

  2. Okay, I think your little sweetie has a future career as a comedian. She is absolutely hilarious!!

  3. OMG i can imagine what she will go through when she reads the post in her teens