Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mummy Steps and Baby Steps

I can't imagine why I didn't think of this sooner. I finally figured out why H1 was so reluctant to walk when we go out. She insists on being carried. Not an easy task as she is now nearly 12 kilos!

It's just this....I took "mummy steps" and she took "baby steps" and I expected her to keep up with me! No wonder the poor thing was so reluctant. She had to either run or skip to keep up. And the situation was even worse with Hubs (Him being a six footer and H1 being a mere two and a half).

It beats me why I couldn't figure it out earlier, when I was going through the same thing! When I walk with Hubby it is so difficult for me keep up with his long strides that I have to run or skip to keep up!

So now problem solved. H1 and I both take baby steps. Only problem now is that it takes twice as much time to get any where! But I guess it is a small prize to pay for not having a backache!


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  2. One aim of this blog is to help other parents with the problems we face in bringing up a baby...especially first time parents. So I am glad that my experiences would atleast help even one mom out there! Thanks for your comments! They are always welcome! :o)